Turbo actuators


If the wastegate actuator isn't working (i.e. moving as it should, pushing the connecting rod to the wastegate and opening the wastegate to bleed off boost) then the vehicle would be boosting too much.

If the actuator is not changed and carbon removed from wastegate using a turbo cleaner making sure the gate is free afterwards melt down or blowing up of the turbo could occur .

The actuator's job is to bleed off boost as it builds, not to 'help' boost. It's a valve that is controlled by an electronic solenoid via the ECU that allows engine vacuum into the unit to make it open up, and in turn open the turbo's wastegate to bleed off excessive boost, and hence not allow massive boost pressure to build up and damage the engine or turbo.

If you are experiencing low / no boost, it could be that the wastegate or wastegate actuator are stuck in the 'open' position.

This is relatively easy to check. When engine is switched off wastegate should be shut, so in short (Stuck open, slow no power) (Stuck shut, to much power but not for long) or the turbo itself may be damaged, it would mean it has been driven to long with the actuator stuck shut.

Although it is possible on all vehicles certain German manufactured vehicles are very prone to this problem.

Once actuator has failed carbon builds up in wastegate and must be removed then new actuator can be fitted.

Provided the vehicle has not been run too long with the actuator shut then you will have solved your problem without replacing your turbo.

It is imperative that you clean your turbo with A Turbo Cleaner and fit a new actuator as you could save yourself considerable expense.



BTA10 Berlt Turbo Actuator