TVD Pulleys

Today’s modern engines produce more crankshaft vibrations than ever  before due to having to comply with Euro 4,5,6. As a result of higher forces on the crankshaft the crankshaft pulley speed is not constant and would cause bearing wear, belt wear/noise and even crankshaft breakage.  This is why a damped pulley is used on these applications.

A worn TVD Pulley will not do its job correctly and will lead to  vibrations, belt noise and excessive wear to all drive components. 

A damaged Torsional Vibration Damper Crankshaft Pulley can cause severe damage to the Alternator Pulley.

The following checks to the TVD should be done when working on  any drive belt components:

  • Cracks in the rubber  
  • Parts of rubber missing
  • Contact marks on the engine casing to the rear of the pulley.
  • Belt running out of alignment 
  • Visable vibration from the pulley

Draw a line over the TVD from centre to outer, run the engine for a minute  at various rpm, switch off and check if line is broke.

The wear will not always show, but TVD or belt noise is proof of a problem. Another severe sign that replacement is needed is rough  engine idle/ vibration.



PDP2976 Berlt Tvd Crankshaft Pulley



PDP3150 Berlt Tvd Crankshaft Pulley