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A very easy range to stock with all of the popular part numbers available, 14 parts numbers in total giving over 80% of UK pareto of sales on this line.


PUL1 (230292 CARGO) LRA2013, LRA1861, LRAO2293, LRAO1879

Gates OAP7060
Autocharge AP0010
Bosch 1126601597
Bosch F00M991304
Bosch F00M061023
Contitech AP9015
Dayco ALP2337
Era 219023
Hutchinson DB0252
Qrs QOAP120
Ruville 55128
Skf VKM03821
Snr GA75103
Sterling Auto STCP0025
Veco VFWP017
Vierol Ag (Vaico) V308268
Wai 2491263
LUK 535001510

Application: Mercedes Benz: C200/220 CDI, -TC30 CDI AMG, -Sport coupe, -T Sprinter 208, 211, 313, 216,311, 316, 110, 111, 112, 115 CDI Vivano 2.0/2.2 CD 2000 onwards

Part no: PUL1