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Each wheel of a vehicle fitted with an Automatic Braking System has an ABS sensor. These sensors pick up signals from the corresponding ABS ring to determine wheel speed, and this information is then sent to the ABS controller which applies corrective pressure to the brakes via the hydraulic unit. Doing this maximises performance & safety. ABS sensors are a common fault because of the detrimental factors such as dirt, heat, moisture & vibration due to their location near the wheel. If a fault develops in any part of the ABS, a warning light will usually be illuminated on the vehicle instrument panel, and the ABS will be disabled until the fault is rectified.


O/E X/Ref. 98VW2B372BA

Febie X/Ref. 24054

BRIEF APPLICATION: Ford Galaxy, Seat, Sharron, Front

Cambiare VE701046
Febi 24054
Fuel Parts (Uk) AB1145
Intermotor 60001
Leader Specialist Components 7M0927807C
Lucas Electrical ELABS007
OE 98VW2B372BA
Beckermann 8050002
Delphi SS20020
Fuel Parts (Marathon) FPAB1145
Herth+buss (Elparts) 70660023
Ifa V5008A
Kerr Nelson ALB004
Lemark LAB067
Mobiletron AB-EU030
Part no: PAB1145